Our Services
Drywall and minor carpentry
If you have some rotten wood or drywall damage in you house, we can help you with that. For bigger projects, we'll be happy to recommend a reliable contractor.
Quality Strokes
Residential and Commercial Painting.
Wood staining
Bring out the beauty of your wood with our interior and exterior wood staining services and, depending on the look you prefer, we can apply semi-transparent or solid color stains in flat, satin, semi-gloss or high gloss finishes.
Power washing
Restore surfaces and make them shine like new with our high and low pressure washing services - wood, vinyl, concrete, roof shingles, walkway,etc. When we have to use chemicals to kill the mildew, we only use solutions safe for your children, pets and plants.
Wood waterproofing
We use clear and pigmented waterproofing products for sealing a deck or fence that will keep your wood protected from the elements.
Garage floor coatings
For easy maintenance and floor protection - we can apply epoxy garage floor covering in solid colors or with specks.
Chewing Gum Removal
Safely remove gum from walks and carpet without any damage or discoloration.